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Our employment law services are designed to help small businesses and startups navigate the complex world of employment law, regardless of company size. We frequently help our clients resolve employment law issues that occur on a day-to-day basis. Common employment law issues we regularly assist clients successfully resolve include drafting employment manuals, developing workplace policies, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, technology assignments, protecting company property from employee misuse, wage and disability compliance, discrimination claim responses, employee incentive plans, employee vesting agreement, hiring and terminating employees, and employment litigation.

Employment law is a complex set of legal issues that, for positive or negative, impact business growth.

The risk exposure due to an employment law misstep can be enormous, time consuming, and expensive. While the risks of an employment law issue cannot be completely eliminated, the good news is that with strategic planning the rate of incidences can be greatly reduced, if not virtually eliminated.

One of the ways we help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in employment law is by ensuring our clients remain compliant with federal and state employment laws. Diligent proactive steps go a long way in preventing time consuming and expensive employment issues from happening in the first place. We help clients prepare legal documentation that establish employment policies, educate employees, protect the company from legal liability, and respond to employment complaints. Our goal is to prevent employment law issues from ever becoming issues to begin with.

How a business proactively documents and implements employment policies and procedures can have critical ramifications. One of the primary benefits of letting us advise you on employment law compliance is it allows your company leaders to focus on what they are most valuable at, growing your company.

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Employment law is an area where vulnerable situations can quickly escalate into legal action that could have been avoided through proactive legal planning. That’s why we partner with startups and small businesses for the long haul. Your company will benefit from our business and legal expertise, while we provide you with individualized support and solutions for years to come.

We are there for our business clients to simplify the complex. If a procedure or contract item isn’t what it should be, we can advise on both existing issues as well resolutions, as well hiring and terminating employees, assisting with responding to employment complaints, and responding to government actions and litigation.

For new businesses and startups, our experience in employment law can be an invaluable substitute for companies not quite ready for a full blown HR department. We’re used to assisting companies in the lean boot-strapping phases of growth. We’re ready to assist based on each client’s unique circumstances and needs.

To find out more about our how we can help successfully resolve your employment law matters, Johnstun Law is here to help. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or ready to discuss how we might help solve your business and legal needs.

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