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Business Litigation

Capabilities, character, and strategy
utah business litigation

Business Litigation

When a business dispute escalates to litigation, your case requires attorneys who are skilled in both diplomacy and strategy. The attorneys at Johnstun Law have successfully represented clients in business lawsuits of all sizes and amounts. Independently rated by SuperLawyers, our reputation as fine litigators has been earned through years of successfully providing clients with ethical and practical representation.

 Often our best lawyering is done by resolving your case prior to trial through discovery, informal settlement negotiations, mediation, or even arbitration. If necessary, our lawyers will skillfully advance your case to trial and judgment. Litigation success comes down to strategy, grit, and preparation. We will sit down with you to develop a winning litigation strategy tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Resolution to your litigation matter begins today by calling us at (801) 980-5300 or contact us.