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Employment Law

Helping Small Businesses Navigate Complex Issues

Employment Law

Small Business Employment Law Services

Johnstun Law helps small businesses and startups navigate the complex world of employment law, regardless of a company’s growth stage. At Johnstun Law, we frequently help our small business clients with employment law services. Having a partner that can help your company create the employment documentation that you need, set up worker’s compensation insurance, investigate employee claims against your company, and defend you in court can make a big difference in the future of your business. Johnstun Law has the experience needed to be a much needed partner when it comes to your employment law needs.

Accurate Legal Documentation That Protects Your Small Business

One of the ways we help our small business clients is to ensure that our clients follow federal and state employment compliance guidelines. This can prevent administrative complaints from happening in the first place.

We help clients craft the accurate legal documentation that they need to educate employees and to protect themselves from legal liability.

The words you choose to use in these legal documents are important and can have critical ramifications for your business. If a procedure or contract item isn’t written accurately as you intend it, this can make your business vulnerable to litigation.

A vague or poorly written employment document can open your company up to additional liability, as the documents can be misinterpreted by employees and government regulators. The importance of conciseness and accuracy cannot be overstated. Vulnerable situations can quickly escalate into legal action that could have been avoided by proactively seeking legal counsel when the documents were created originally.

Ensure Day to Day Regulatory Compliance

Small businesses must comply with industry, federal, state, and local regulatory guidelines. It can be tough to ensure that your interactions, communication, and employment policies comply. A knowledgeable employment law attorney can ensure that you have adequately protected your company from the risk that comes from hiring staff.

Partner With Johnstun Law

At Johnstun Law, we like to partner with startups and small businesses for the long haul. Your company will benefit from our business and legal expertise, while we have the opportunity to get to know your business in order to provide the individualized support and solutions you’ll need for the years to come.

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