Brittnie Niedrich

About Brittnie

Education and Honors

Brittnie earned her associate’s degree in paralegal studies with “Honors” from Broadview University. While pursuing her legal education she completed a number of internships and clinics providing hands on legal experience. Brittnie is currently actively pursuing a certified paralegal certificate with the Utah Bar.

Legal/Work Experience

Brittnie joined Johnstun Law in 2017 as a paralegal. Prior to joining Johnstun Law, Brittnie completed a number of internships with reputable law firms in Utah County. While pursuing her legal education, she volunteered for a women’s and children’s shelter.

Brittnie excels at business law matters that include both transactional and litigation matters. She is a primary contact for clients on their legal matters and manages client cases.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Brittnie enjoys spending time with her family. This includes bike riding and exercising. One of her favorites has been volunteering for the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival. While not currently active, she enjoyed her time in the ROTC and graduated as a Cadet Major.