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Utah Business Law FAQs

Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Do I really need a Utah business or corporate lawyer?

Legal matters involving businesses, corporations, and startups are complex and technical. State, federal, and even international laws effecting businesses easily surpass hundreds of thousands of laws, rules, and regulations. Seemingly harmless legal issues which are easily overlooked can emerge down the road as major legal disputes. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you can sleep at night unsure if your legal matters have really been done right? Is saving a few thousand dollars in legal fees at the transaction level worth the risk of hundreds of thousands in litigation fees later on? Business lawsuits, for example, can hinge on a misplaced comma. A good corporate lawyer who has handled thousands of transactions will have the experience to ensure your business or corporate matters are done right. Solid experience from an actual legal professional will guide you past common traps, transactional risks, and overlooking important issues.

Can’t I just use a DIY legal service?

DIY legal websites or services are no substitute for an actual attorney with years of experience in thousands of transactions. These types of DIY websites provide boilerplate forms without context to your circumstance or transaction. Issues like alternative dispute resolution, choice of law, venue, key contractual terms can easily be overlooked increasing the odds your legal rights have not been fully represented. If you’re considering using a DIY legal service, consider this sobering disclaimer from a popular DIY legal website:

“We are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.”

Even the DIY legal websites admit you should use a bar licensed lawyer who practices in the area of your legal issue. Imagine a potential large client or venture cap investor asking for legal documents (yes, they will ask). Do think a sophisticated party will be able to spot a DIY legal document? A related question is do you think that will reflect poorly on you and your chances to close a life altering business deal? The answer to both questions is yes. For clients that have set a goal to build a strong business with specific exit strategies in mind, solid legal work by experienced business attorneys is not an expense you should skimp on.

How is Johnstun Law different than other law firms?

We believe in Henry Ford’s method of specialization by doing one thing really well. Our sole focus as attorneys is business, corporate, and startups law. We are passionate about delivering exceptional value added legal results in these three interrelated areas. Our best lawyering is often evidenced when we deliver uncomplicated results and make things look easy. Large or small, every legal matter we handle receives the same level of commitment. Delivering the highest quality legal services includes using practitioner technology tools that increase the value-added to clients. Our billing policies are transparent and adaptable to a client’s circumstances. Finally, we listen to our clients and talk to them, not at them. Your access to our attorneys, we believe, is unrivaled in the Utah legal community. We would expect nothing less ourselves. Our commitment to excellence is so strong that we offer something virtually no other law firm is willing to stake their reputation on, a written Service Guarantee.

What legal services does Johnstun Law provide?

Our core legal practice areas include the day-to-day legal services that businesses, corporations, and startups need to succeed. Specifically this includes, but not limited to, contract drafting, buy-sell transactions, mergers, complex business litigation, corporate formations, registered agent services, corporate governance services, trademarks, copyrights, employee agreements, employment compliance, employee complaint responses, demand letters, contract review, license and vendor agreements, industry regulatory compliance, mediation, arbitration, partner disputes, derivative lawsuits, investment fraud, mergers and acquisitions, term sheets, equity grants and funding, vesting schedules, and exit planning.

How much will my legal project cost?

It depends on your legal matter and objectives. Depending on your project, our legal fees can be structured on an hourly, flat fee, mixed, and in some cases, a contingency basis. During the initial consultation we will discuss a budget within the context of your legal matter. For entrepreneurs and startups on a tight budget, a flat fee arrangement can be very appealing because it involves a budget that we will stay within regardless of how long it takes. In other matters involving an hourly fee, we’ll provide an estimate up-front and we will do our best to stay within that estimate. Regardless of the fee structure, our goal is to provide you with legal services at a price you believe a fair exchange for the services and value provided.

How do I get started?

Contact us today, call us at 801-980-5300, or send a short email to and let us know you’re interested in an initial consultation. An initial consultation is completely free and no risk. In the course of a 15-20 minute consultation we’ll discuss your legal matter, unique objectives, provide practical legal perspective, terms to our engagement as legal counsel, and discuss fee structure options. If it makes sense for us to work together, we’ll arrange to get started right away. An initial consultation is absolutely free and without obligation. We’d love to discuss how we can help your business, corporation, or startup succeed.

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