We help Utah entrepreneurs start new businesses. We do it right and we make it easy.

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One of the primary benefits to leveraging our vast experience in startups is we make starting your business simple and affordable. Instead of being distracted from your core role of leading your business, you can rely on us to handle the legal details to ensure your business is started correctly. You can then rest easy knowing 100% you selected the correct business entity, in the correct state, and all the obscure legal details (that will matter down the road) have been handled correctly.

From a legal standpoint, starting a business begins by incorporating a business entity. Most entrepreneurs though have questions on which corporate entity is the correct choice, i.e. c-corporation, s-corporation, partnership, dba, or a limited liability company. Entrepreneurs are also commonly unsure if they need to incorporate in Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, or their home state of Utah. Other issues include what other steps need to be taken after incorporating a business entity. We take care of all of the above quickly and seamlessly.

We offer complete startup packages that are a fixed rate. Our all-inclusive startup packages include everything entrepreneurs need to correctly register their business, including advice on which state to register and all other legal details relating to starting your business at no extra charge. We believe we are one of the very few, if not the only law firm, that offers that level of startup service to entrepreneurs.

Clients have given us rave feedback about our all-inclusive start-up packages because they know their business is getting started by highly experienced legal professionals, know that everything is being handled correctly, how long it will take, and know exactly how much it will cost. Done right, done fast, no surprises.

Missteps that often occur with individuals try to incorporate themselves or through a DIY website can have huge implications down the road. These missteps can mean a surprise tax bill, partner dispute, complications with financing and investors, complications with customers, missed opportunities, litigation, and complicated and expensive legal headaches entrepreneurs don’t have time for. We ensure these legal landmines are avoided.

In addition to the highest legal competency, our startup services are designed to be delivered rapidly. While self-registration or DIY services can take up to 30 days absent an extra charge, we typically will have your Utah business registered within 2 business days as part of our standard service. If it makes sense based on your circumstances to incorporate in another state, in those cases it may be possible to have your business incorporated the same business day.

Our Experience

Our experience with starting businesses is based on over a decade of incorporating clients, from simple single member LLCs to complex multi-shareholder corporations. Instead of wasting money on DIY self-help services, you benefit from having highly experienced attorneys handling your startup instead of being sold a false sense of security. We provide you with actual state specific corporate documents customized to your business, and you will never have to wonder if your business was correctly incorporated.

As an added benefit our all-inclusive Utah startup packages include the first year of our firm serving as your registered agent completely complimentary.

The clients who engage Johnstun Law to start their business have one thing in common. They want their business started the right way. They understand the long-term value of engaging highly experienced legal help from the start.

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Corporate Registrations & Startup Services

These related legal services include registered agent services, reviewing corporate documents for previously incorporated entities, registration of foreign entities, registration of 501(c)(3) non-profits, domestication of foreign entities, conversions of corporate entities, EIN services, state tax IDs and certificates, business licenses, review and revisions to existing by-laws and operating agreements, tax elections, founder agreements, equity grants, convertible notes, funding transactions, SAFE agreements, vesting agreements and schedules, stock option plans, and comprehensive review of corporate documents.

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