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Johnstun Law has the knowledge and experience to quickly form LLC, corporations, partnerships, DBAs, and nonprofit corporate entities. In addition to ensuring that your business is set up correctly, we can help register your business from a long-term strategy. This includes guiding you, selecting a brand-able business name, and determining whether an out of state registration, is appropriate.


Don't waste time getting your business started. Johnstun Law has a 48 hour Utah LLC registration process.


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Our all inclusive packages have flat fee structures and everything you'll need for the sign up process- from start to finish.


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Why Choose Johnstun Law?

Unlike other do it yourself legal services, Johnstun Law provides you with knowledge on LLC registrations that only years of experience can provide. We’ll meet with you to understand your company’s offers, ensure that there’s not an excessive amount of information, check that you’re not giving up private information in the registration process, and help you determine if another state is most appropriate for your business’s registration. We’ll help to navigate you through the entire process of LLC registration.

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The professionals at Johnstun Law will discuss your Utah LLC registration needs, fees associated with registration, and help you determine the best plan for your business.

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Experienced attorneys will guide you through the entire process. Not sure what your next step should be? Our professionals can help advise you on what would be most beneficial to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register an LLC?

Not registering your LLC means that you are listed as the sole proprietor of the business. This makes you personally liable for company debt- meaning that your car, house, or personal property can be repossessed. Registering your LLC provides you with tax advantages and ownership of the company.

Do I need an attorney to form a LLC?

While an attorney is not required to form an LLC, there are advantages of doing so. Utilizing Johnstun Law’s highly experienced corporate attorneys ensures that your business is registered and formed correctly. We take the frustration and complication out of the business registration process. Corporate and tax laws are frequently updated and our lawyers will help you stay up-to-date on any changes that are relevant to your business’ registration. Legal DIY websites agree that they don’t replace an experienced attorney.

What is the cost to form an LLC?

Johnstun Law’s rates are competitive within the market. Each package comes with a flat fee structure, and includes registration in 48 hours. Contact us today to form your business.

What is a registered agent, why do I need one, and can I serve as my own registered agent?

A registered agent is a professional third party designated to represent your business. This person receives paperwork and legal documents on your behalf and makes sure that all documents get to you. Their information is on public display instead of yours. Choosing Johnstun Law as your registered agent is a deterrence from unwanted legal issues and for people who are planning to take advantage of your business. Never miss receiving an important document again with the help of Johnstun Law as your registered agent. Our nominal fees are as low as 20 cents a day.

How does a LLC and a S corporation differ?

There are positives and negatives to both options. Generally speaking, LLCs enjoy more flexibility than S corporations. S corporations have more restrictions than LLCs. Some of these restrictions for S corporations include: no more than 100 stockholders, only one class of shares, and additional formalities. LLCs must pay social security and Medicare taxes on their profits.

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