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When you choose Johnstun Law to be your Utah registered agent, you’ll receive reliable service with protection that only an attorney can provide.


Never worry about missing an important document again. You will be immediately notified and forwarded all legal documents and official state correspondences that are received.


Have questions about registered agent services? No problem! Johnstun Law professionals are available to answer all your questions.


All important mail is securely stored and copied in case you ever need a replacement.


Keep your personal information private. A designated registered agent will have their information on display instead of yours.

Why choose Johnstun Law to be your registered agent?

Choosing a registered agent isn’t a choice that should be taken lightly. This designated person will represent your business for the next 1-5 years. Choosing Johnstun Law will deter unwanted guests from your business, protect your private information from public use, and ensure that all important documents will be in your hands in a timely manner. Take the headache out of owning a business with our affordable registered agent services. 

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Registered Agent FAQ

What is a registered agent and what do they do?

A registered agent is appointed to represent your business. They are designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other government notifications, usually tax forms, and notice of lawsuits, on behalf of your corporation or LLC.

Why do I need a registered agent?

The state in which your business is registered needs to know that you have a contact person for your business within the state at all times. If you don’t have a physical location in the state in which your business is registered, you must select a registered agent to accept documents on your behalf. PO boxes are not acceptable addresses for registered agents.

Can you be your own registered agent?

It is sometimes possible to serve as your own registered agent. However, it is advisable to designate a third-party. Having a third-party registered agent can give you peace of mind that someone is always available to claim important information on your behalf. You won’t have to worry when leaving the office, going on vacation, or getting items delivered, that you will not be available.

What are the requirements of being a registered agent?

Requirements for registered agents include being an adult, or authorized business, that is available during normal business hours at a street address in the state in which the business is formed or foreign qualified. Many businesses choose a third party, like Johnstun Law, to serve as their registered agent for privacy and convenience reasons.

What happens if you don’t designate a registered agent?

If you don’t select a registered agent you may risk falling out of good standing with the state in which you registered your business. Penalties for falling out of good standing can include: license revocation, fines, and inability to enter into legal contracts, or gain access to the state court system. Reinstatement proceedings could cost you additional money and possible criminal sanctions.

What are some of the benefits of having a registered agent?

Besides peace of mind, a registered agent means that you won’t have to accept embarrassing legal and tax documents in front of clients. Your registered agent’s address will remain the same, meaning that you can easily change your business location without having to file additional paperwork to change your address.

What is a “resident agent” and “statutory agent” and how are they different from a registered agent?

All three terms may be used interchangeably and serve the same function.

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