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Our law firm is built on a narrow mission focused tactical mindset. We believe our clients are best served by a highly effective team that is dedicated to providing fast and responsive legal services specific to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We operate like a small, but, highly trained tactical team. We are mission purposed, fast, responsive, and effective.

Aaron Johnstun, Utah Business Attorney

Aaron Johnsun

Small Business Attorney

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Legal Assistant

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We are the antithesis to typical large law firms that are bloated with staff, move slowly, unresponsive, gaudy expensive office space, and hierarchical clientele that is prioritized over you. We do not have massive billing requirements to cover our operating costs. Clients that come to us after getting off the big firm bill mill regularly tell us how fast we are, pleasantly surprised by our fees, and always happy with the speed of delivery. As a result, our focus is on promptly delivering the high quality legal services you need at reasonable fees, no less, no more.

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We challenge you to call our competition and then call us at (801) 980-5300 to test how quickly we’ll actually have your case reviewed and legal solutions presented. We’re confident we can have your legal work done before most law firms will even call you back, if they ever do. If someone’s quicker, let us know because that’s unacceptable to us.

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