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It's About You

As professionals who help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, we define our success by your success.

Johnstun Law started in 2010 during the “great recession.” Then, and now, we are bullish on America, Utah, and our small business and entrepreneur clients. Our entire purpose is to give our small business and entrepreneur friends in Utah the legal tools needed to start, grow, and exit their businesses. We firmly believe running your own business and controlling your future is the essence of the American dream.

I’m Ready to Take Action

Our firm founder Aaron Johnstun is passionate about helping startups and small business succeed

Aaron grew up in a family and a blue collar community surrounded by entrepreneurs who worked their day jobs and then ran their own businesses at nights and on weekends. This blue-collar entrepreneurism was imbedded with ethics such as hard work, integrity, authenticity, community, passion and pushing on. The deep respect for small business and entrepreneurs followed Aaron to law school and later in practice. While the circumstances of entrepreneurism has change over the years, the passion necessary to succeed has not.

Admiration for small businesses and entrepreneurs is in our firm’s DNA. We are the only law firm in Utah that uniquely and specifically advocates for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s that simple. Your business success is our basic purpose. This means we tailor our law firm to deliver high quality legal tools that our clients need, with urgency, through transparent billing, and at a high value to cost ratio.

Legal Results

Great legal results do not require a big law firm. There are substantial benefits to a personal relationship with a small law firm over a big law firm. For starters, you’ll enjoy a close relationship with your lawyer. You’ll know exactly who’s doing your legal work instead of having your legal work passed around to three different floors. Our business model is similar to the model our clients use—deliver high quality services with integrity that makes your customer’s lives better. Pretty simple.

Let's Work Together

About Johnstun Law Firm

We called ourselves startup lawyers before that was even a thing. Unlike other law firms that constantly shift their practice areas to what they think will generate the most revenue, representing the interests of entrepreneurs and small businesses has been our exclusive focus since we started, because it is what we are naturally passionate about and it’s what we are best at. Since then we have been providing Utah entrepreneurs and small businesses with the legal services their businesses need to start, grow, fund, scale, and exit. We think like our small business and entrepreneur clients because we are a small business.

From the first contact with our office, you will see why we are different. We listen first to what clients need, and then provide clear and practical solutions. We act with urgency. This includes promptly answering and responding to client communications. We are transparent with what our fees are and what we bill for. We draw from a wealth of experience and adopt legal technology that results in higher quality services. We invite you to contact our firm to see how quickly we will respond and then compare our response with any of our competitors.

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Our Privilege

We’ve had the privilege of helping Utah entrepreneurs and small businesses successfully resolve their legal issues for over a decade.

Some of these matters have involved complex transactional or litigation issues with millions at stake; others have been small day-to-day issues that occasionally arise, but still require skilled legal attention. We are honored that Johnstun Law has received such high client reviews and independently rated among the best firms in the Rocky Mountain States. No matter the size, you will always receive our highest legal skill.

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