We close business deals

A substantial part of our business practice involves business transactions, sales, acquisitions, mergers, contracts, equity investments, real estate, and all types of B2B transactional work. When appropriate, we are fully capable of advising and assisting clients on potential transaction points as well as key transaction milestones, such as due diligence and valuations.

We fundamentally understand that owners are willing to accept risks in exchange for fast gains.

With that perspective, we understand that our role as lawyers is to memorialize the deal, ensure our clients’ interests are protected within the parameters of the deal reached, and assist with closing deals as quickly as possible. If your current business attorney always seems to be getting in the way of closing deals, you’re with the wrong lawyer.

Our record of successfully closing deals spans over a decade in practice. We have closed deals worth in excess of $100 million to a few thousand, and business deals of all sizes in between. We’ve helped clients buy and sell dental practices, medical practices, SAAS transactions, owners buy and sell businesses, real estate transactions, franchise setups, complex license and royalty transactions, joint ventures, business succession plans, equity investments, and on. No deal is too big or too small. No deal is beyond our experience.

Your business success is our passion. When it comes to business transactions we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This philosophy is the foundation of our approach to closing deals, delivering economical results for clients while avoiding over-lawyering a transaction. Because of our lengthy experience in closing business transactions, we do not start from scratch on every deal. Instead, we begin each transaction with already having closed the same transaction before. While we believe in closing deals quickly, we will provide every client with the highest quality legal work to ensure each deal that closes stays closed.

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Often our best transactional lawyering is when we make our work look effortless. This begins with being involved in our client’s businesses over the long-term. Because of the close relationships of trust we form with our clients, our transactional legal services are designed to resolve the day-to-day legal issues as well as plan for long-term growth strategies. When a transaction presents itself with institutional clients, we are ready to take action.

As part of our corporate review, we do a deep dive into your corporate structure and documents. When we’re done, we’ll meet with you to go over any trouble spots we’ve identified and solid solutions. You’ll still come away with peace of mind knowing that your corporate documents or structure are where they need to be. Our fee for this service is surprisingly affordable.

To find out more about our how we can help close your business deal with our transactional services, Johnstun Law is here to help. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or ready to discuss how we might help solve your business and legal needs.

During regular business hours you can contact us through our live chat or via phone at (801) 980-5300, where you will immediately communicate with an actual member of our firm.

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We fundamentally understand that owners are willing to accept risks in exchange for fast gains.