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Is your business owed money by another business? Let our team help you get paid.

Our small business clients work hard, really hard. Typically their days begins early and end late. When they’re done putting kids to be, they go to work at their “second shift” and finally drop off around midnight. Like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, our clients are highly driven to provide an outstanding product or service for their customers.

They often wake up in the middle of the night worried about one of their customers. After going through an insane process and insane hours to provide an amazing product or service, they occasionally get stiffed by a customer who is a perpetual dead beat. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses owners commonly feel paralyzed in a cycle of grief when they get stiffed on a bill, not knowing if it was them or if they truly were in wrong.

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Business Collections

Most debt collection companies are bill mills that focus on low hanging consumer debts. Consumer debt collectors are commonly debt buyers who harass and bully consumers into a settlement. These non-lawyer paper tigers are not equipped for aggressively collecting commercial debts. A party owed funds in a commercial transaction needs legal representation capable of going the distance in federal, state, or small claims court to collect.

Efficient business collections in commercial relationships begin with an optimized customer agreement. We have had great success in resolving our client’s reoccurring commercial collection issues simply by implementing specific contract provisions. This usually can be accomplished by revising terms in a client’s existing agreements. If you are not using intake agreements, you are relying on getting paid based on another party’s honesty. For modest fees, we can virtually eliminate commercial collection issues through a solid contract. The cost to benefit ratio is enormous.

If needed, we can use courts through a complete trial to enforce a client’s right to payment. We have successfully used various legal venues to obtain judgments for our clients. Once a judgment is obtained, there is a second legal process that takes place to enforce the judgment and collect funds owed. We have successfully navigated both the pre-judgment and post-judgment legal process to collect for our clients.

Our attorney fees for commercial collection will vary depending on your circumstances. We may work on an hourly basis, flat fee, contingency, or mixed rate. When you contact us, we can better guide you on what our attorney fees might look like in your business collection matter.

Examples of commercial debt issues we have successfully resolved include, but not limited to, loans, services performed, assets, real estate, contractor and sub-contractor, consulting work, and buy-sells.

The most important point to emphasize on business collections is to act quickly. Find out more about how we can help you collect your commercial debts by contacting us today.

FDCPA STATEMENT: Johnstun Law focuses exclusively on business to business commercial debts. We do not collect as a regular practice any consumer debts, and therefore, not a debt collection agency, debt collector, or similar terms under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or other applicable consumer debt laws. However, all information provided to our firm may be used for debt collection purposes.

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Business Collections

Is your business owed money by another business? Let our team help you get paid.


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