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Experienced Attorneys Will Help Build and Protect Your Brand

Protect the brand that you created with a registered trademark. Our experienced attorneys will help guide you through the trademark application process and understand the appropriate laws and statutes that you'll need to adhere to.


DIY competitors and other trademark attorneys charge you an outrageous amount for your application, and sneak in hidden fees. At Johnstun Law we follow a flat fee structure, letting you know all costs associated with your project at the beginning.


Our straight forward packages offer comprehensive trademark research done by a licensed attorney. From the very beginning, you'll know that everything you need is included.


Enjoy an expedited trademark application with the help of Johnstun Law. There's no better feeling than knowing that your brand will be safeguarded from the competition.

Less Paperwork

Choosing Johnstun Law means that your application will be filed electronically, creating a stress-free and trackable application process.

How Does Johnstun Law Compare to the Competitors?

When you choose Johnstun Law you receive an all inclusive package from a qualified Utah trademark attorney. Our team will help guide you through the path to a fully formed trademark, quickly and easily. Protect your business with the help of a government trademark.

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A business strategy session will be scheduled within 48 hours. During your strategy session with one of our qualified Utah trademark attorney, we'll discuss the trademark project and the flat fee you can expect.

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Johnstun Law’s attorneys take care of your trademark application from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Trademark Questions

Why is a trademark important for your business?

You’ve worked hard to establish your business name and logo. A registered trademark establishes your brand identity. It also gives you federal rights to protect your brand against competitors. In the long run, a trademark is a very cost economical legal tool to protect your business.

Why use experienced lawyers to trademark your name

There are two important aspects of a trademark, both of which are critical to the rights of use associated with a trademark. The first is identifying the correct classifications. The second is an appropriate description of your products and services. To meet both of these qualifications, the experience of skilled Utah trademark attorneys is necessary. Johnstun Law utilizes experienced lawyers to submit your paperwork right, from the very beginning. We take advanced steps to alert you to potential conflicts before they happen, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Is using a law firm to do a trademark application more expensive than using a DIY service?

Johnstun Law is competitively priced, offering a flat rate with all research and background work included at no extra cost. Choosing our firm ensures that you will know exactly what your trademark application will cost. Contact us today for a free business strategy session with a Utah trademark attorney.

What’s the difference between a copyright and a trademark

Trademarks protect brand names, slogans, and logos for a business. Copyrights are usually used to protect artistic works, such as songs.

What’s included in a trademark conflict search?

The US government doesn’t allow trademarks to be registered that will cause confusion between two or more brands. Through a trademark conflict search, by a qualified attorney, we are able to identify potential conflicts before they arise, decreasing your wait time within the application process.

How long does it take for a trademark to be registered

The USPTO can take six or more months to process a federal trademark application. Preparing a strong trademark application with experienced attorneys can decrease the chance of setbacks that can prolong the registration process.

What Do Our Clients Have To Save About Our Service?

Start Your Trademark Now and Receive An Express Turn Around Time

Our professionals will contact you within one business day to evaluate your trademark project. We will then schedule a strategy session to discuss your trademark application and our flat fees. To learn more about Johnstun Law, click here. 

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