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Too often small business owners overlook a very simple legal requirement—their registered agent. The registered agent is where legal and tax notices are served. It is also public information. This means, the registered agent’s name and address are publicly available to anyone. There are many reasons to use a professional registered agent instead of listing one of the owners and, commonly, their home address. Using a law firm as your registered agent is an especially good value.

A professional registered agent minimizes disclosure of the business owner’s personal information. Second, a professional registered agent will ensure you receive legal notices that are commonly discarded by family members, office staff, and even you. (Another common reason for missing important notices is due to moving.) Third, using a law firm as a registered agent is a great deterrent because it puts anyone on notice that you’re lawyered up. Fourth, using a professional registered agent allows you to direct junk mail away from your business. Fifth, a law firm can quickly inform you what notices need a response and those that are deceptive marketing.

The cost to have a law firm serve as your registered agent is a great value. A reasonable fee will run around $150 per year. In other words, for a few dimes a day, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of our law firm serving as your registered agent.

For more information about our registered agent services, please contact Brittnie LeRoy at (801) 855-8368.

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