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Trademarks: Filing a Trademark at the Startup Phase is the Savvy Move

Among the most difficult hurdles for a new startup is picking the right name. Almost every startup I help tells me that finding the right name is one of the biggest obstacles. The right name is contingent on URL availability and distinction. There are considerable advantages to having a .com URL that matches your corporate name. Furthermore, the most brandable names are creatively unique.

As a company’s name becomes more commonly known and associated with certain goods, competitors tend to use similar names that may cause confusion or dilute your effort to build a valuable brand. The more valuable the brand name, the more vulnerable the name is to competitor misappropriation. Competitors will often copy a brand name through a second tier URLs, i.e. .net, .co, etc.

A federal trademark is a perfect way to protect a brand name. The application cost to obtain a trademark registration is fairly economical, especially given the substantial legal rights obtained from a federal trademark. Under the best circumstances, a trademark application typically takes 6-12 months or longer from the time of filing to official registration. Doing a trademark early on is worth considering because the party who files first is the presumptive owner. In other words, waiting to file a trademark application allows your competitors to use your name without consequence, or, even worse, filing a trademark for the rights to your name first. Neither of the foregoing scenarios is a good one. The litigation cost to contest ownership is expensive and uncertain. The best way to secure the rights to your name is to research and file a trademark application in close proximity to when your startup is incorporated.

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