Strategy + Consulting Services

Often small businesses and entrepreneurs need rock solid business advice and legal counsel, but without the typical prohibitive big firm retainer.

This common dilemma is the primary reason we created our business strategy meeting solution.

All of our legal services and experienced are designed to help your business grow and succeed. We’ve been working closely with successful executives, professionals, and founders on strategic issues for over a decade. We’ve seen our share of issues that blurs between business management and legal. Our strategy and consulting services bridges the gap between issues that are a mix of leadership and legal. While the issues vary, the common thread is we get to know your business and work with you to identify solutions to your unique circumstances and goals.

Often lean start-ups and founders need legal guidance typically received from general counsel, but aren’t quite ready to fund a large legal department. In other instances, small businesses and entrepreneurs need intermittent strategic advice on legal issues. We’re here to help fill these critical rolls without you having to put an entire legal department on your payroll. These needs can be served through intermittent strategic meetings and communications that focus on solving your business and legal related issues, while bypassing the big firm, big retainer model.

Get Started With Johnstun Law

Our strategy and consulting services are adaptable to your needs. If you’ve already started your business using alternative DIY legal services, or not sure if you’re set-up correctly, we still have you covered. We are commonly asked to review corporate registrations and basic legal documents the founders did themselves, and realize the need for trained legal counsel to review

As part of our corporate review, we do a deep dive into your corporate structure and documents. When we’re done, we’ll meet with you to go over any trouble spots we’ve identified and solid solutions. You’ll still come away with peace of mind knowing that your corporate documents or structure are where they need to be. Our fee for this service is surprisingly affordable.

To find out more about our consulting and strategic startup services, Johnstun Law is here to help. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or ready to discuss how we might help solve your business and legal needs.

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