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Now Instantly Incorporate Your Small Business as a Utah LLC with an Experienced Business

Protect your personal assets from lawsuits, collections, and claims against your small business. It’s 100% legal!


Our highly experienced Utah business attorneys help you avoid costly mistakes that “do-it-yourself” incorporation services often make.

Your Dream Business

Now let Johnstun Law turn your dream business into a 100% compliant Utah Limited Liability Company (LLC) — within 48 hours!

For more compelling reasons why you should register a Utah limited liability and how Johnstun Law can help you register your LLC correctly and avoid costly mistakes, continue reading below.

8 compelling reasons to incorporate your small business as a Utah Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Asset 3

You are never personally liable for debts incurred by your LLC—which means your personal assets are fully protected.

Asset 5

An LLC is the simplest, easiest form of business entity, with far less paperwork than an S or C corporation.

Asset 2

You can incorporate your LLC right here in Utah — no need to go to Delaware or Nevada unless you want to.

Asset 4

When you are an LLC, you own your own small business! You set your own hours. Work wherever you like. No commute. No boss. What could be better?

Asset 8

In the event of legal action against your business, your car, house, savings, stocks, and other personal property cannot be taken from you, ever – even if a lawsuit or claim against your business is successful.

Asset 6

Incorporating as an LLC gives you added professional credibility. Customers, prospects, vendors, and banks take you more seriously than when you are merely a sole proprietorship.

Asset 11

Your LLC can have multiple partners, and income can be distributed in different amounts to the various partners vs. a C corporation that demands all owners be treated equally.

Asset 9

Potential tax benefits: as an LLC, your business profits can pass through to your personal federal income tax, avoiding the “double taxation” that owners of C corporations are subject to – LLC owners can realize thousands annually in extra tax savings.

An LLC is your ideal protection against lawsuits, loss of wealth, and even personal bankruptcy for small business owners.

Johnstun Law provides legal service and advice to entrepreneurs and growing businesses exclusively.

In addition to LLCs, we offer other options including corporations, partnerships, DBAs, Utah or out-of-state corporations, and nonprofit entities – and can help you select and set up the structure that’s for you and grows with your business.

We’re fast, thorough, and efficient. With Johnstun Law, you are guided by an highly experienced attorney who is also a senior level attorney. And we can often complete your Utah LLC registration within 48 hours.

We research your business name to determine if it is a good candidate to be trademarked and used to establish your unique brand.

We charge a flat fee for everything you need from start to finish — no extra hourly charges or surprises.

Johnstun Law, unlike do-it-yourself incorporation services, makes sure your LLC is set-up correctly to maximize your potential tax benefits.

Johnstun Law, unlike do-it-yourself incorporation services, makes sure you are not giving up private information which the registration process may ask for but actually does not require.

When you call with a question, concern, or a problem, Johnstun Law returns your calls promptly. We can also help you resolve any legal matter for your business regardless of size or complexity.

Our fee to incorporate your Utah LLC is a simple all-inclusive package, one price that includes everything, no surprise charges.

Our highly experienced Utah business attorneys help you avoid costly mistakes that “do-it-yourself” incorporation services often make.

For a FREE, no-obligation case review by a fully licensed Utah attorney, call 801-980-5300 today. Or simply fill out the simple form here and click Start LLC Registration Today.

Why wait putting off your dream business and continue working for a boss you don’t like in an 8-5 job going nowhere? Johnstun Law has helped countless entrepreneurs just like you start, grow, and sell their businesses.  We are fast, easy to work with, and highly experienced in helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

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